Coming Up OOO (Late person watching)
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        I'm a late comer in watching Kamen Rider OOO. I wasn't a Kamen Rider fan until I was curious in watching Kamen Rider Fourze. After the watching episodes 1-4 of Fourze, I wanted to watch until the end. (haven't seen the ending yet) but I will watch later. I was curious in watching OOO so I watch the first episode and notice it's not bad, BUT have to watch the second episode. So I did and like the charater Eiji personality. A non-selfish person who wants to save everyone, even without powers. I see the others matching their personalities as well. I'm up to episode 30's, and I love the characters since they aren't even mary-sue like. 
     The Greed characters capture my attention and I understand how their characters are called greeds. I like how they have coin medals of their own and are color coded. I love their fighting style as well. 
        My favorite charaters are (not in order.) Well I like all the characters.
      1. Hino Eiji
      2. Ankh 
      3. Hina
      4. Gotou
      5.  Akira Date/Birth
      6. Kazari
    I have a lot of charaters to list, but I forgot some or can't spell their names yet. Anyway, I'll be looking at more of Kamen Rider series. I don't know which to start with, but I will go through the old then to Kamen Rider Wizard. Might get a review ib Wizard when it comes out, don't know yet.
      I think next post I will post Fourze fav couples next. Don't know when yet. Thanks for reading.


Coming up OOO (Late person watching)
Eiji love striken

        I'm a late comer in watching Kamen Rider OOO. I wasn't a Kamen Rider fan until I was curious in watching Kamen Rider Fourze. After the watching episodes 1-4 of Fourze, I wanted to watch until the end. (haven't seen the ending yet) but I will watch later. I was curious in watching OOO so I watch the first episode and notice it's not bad, BUT have to watch the second episode. So I did and like the charater Eiji personality. A non-selfish person who wants to save everyone, even without powers. I see the others matching their personalities as well. I'm up to episode 30's, and I love the characters since they aren't even mary-sue like. 
     The Greed characters capture my attention and I understand how their characters are called greeds. I like how they have coin medals of their own and are color coded. I love their fighting style as well. 
        My favorite charaters are (not in order.) Well I like all the characters.
      1. Hino Eiji
      2. Ankh 
      3. Hina
      4. Gotou
      5.  Akira Date/Birth
      6. Kazari
    I have a lot of charaters to list, but I forgot some or can't spell their names yet. Anyway, I'll be looking at more of Kamen Rider series. I don't know which to start with, but I will go through the old then to Kamen Rider Wizard. Might get a review ib Wizard when it comes out, don't know yet.
      I think next post I will post Fourze fav couples next. Don't know when yet. Thanks for reading.


Reason why Mask Rider didn't do well in Amerca!!
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It will be a nightmare ready to happen. I have reasons it will. Mask Rider fail and no other call back for a Kamen Rider season yet why?! I'll tell y'all in a list starting right now:
1. The theme seems out I place and confusing.

2. Every character wearing black like it's a called Kamen Rider Gothic. Even the extras, it seem depressed. Where other colors.

3. The Cast. They were alright BUT everyone look the same. Same hair color, outfit, mean expressions, and no diverse of race because in America, they would have different race of characters, not just one RACE!!

4. It seems more serious than fun to watch. Cliché to the point where the girl gets kidnap and gets saved on every episode, The girl seems the same like other shows. They need different style people to play girl leads.

5. Over all, it was boring that I didn't even look at a lot of episodes just a few. I will give them tips if they want to adoapt OOO or Fourze. I can make them popular in the Amerca. All they need is a great writer and diverse character cast.

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Okay......why I'm I thinking about blueberry pancakes??
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 wonder why I'm thinking of blueberry pancakes. Maybe I can smell it out of nowhere. It must have wings, because it's flying under my nose as I type, kind of weird. lol. Anyway, I want some and I want some NOW!! Must be a phase for a day, but who cares, I WHAT blueberry Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Writer's Block: Songs of summer
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What are the three all-time greatest summer songs?

1. Summertime: by Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
2. It's getting hot un here: by Nelly
3. Rock the Boat: by Aaliyah

Writer's Block: Built to last
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If you could build a monument, like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, what would you build, and where would you build it?

I would build a staute of me reading a book. It will be in front of the every Library, to encourge kids and teens or anybody to read and it will get you places and nice jobs.

The Impossible of: Claus & Minata
annoyed, Fourze, Ellen

Chapter 3

                “Welcome to my home children.” he said as the two teenagers followed him. “Have a seat and I’ll be back with the refreshment.” he told them. Minata sits down on the love seat, as Claus sits next to her, keeping a smile while inside, he’s scared. She went closer to his ear and whispered.

                “Hey Claus.” she whispered. “I have to warn you.” Claus wondered what the warning is about. “Whatever you do, don’t try to……” but before she could finish, Cid walks in the room, holding a silver tray full of chocolate chip cookies. He held them in front of Claus, who stared at the cookies dreamy. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite.

                “Please, have some, I baked them myself.” he said with a smile.

                Claus reach for the tray of cookies, grabbing one. “Thank you.” then he held them in front of Minata.

                “Have some Mi-“ Minata cut him off.

                “No thank you, I’m on a diet. You know guys don’t go for the chubby girls.” Just then, the phone rings.

                “Oh, excuse me kids.” Cid said, leaving out the room. Just then Claus slowly opens his mouth, putting the cookie in his mouth. Minata knocks the cookie out of Claus hand. He stares at her like she was crazy.

                “Why did you-“

                “I’m doing this for your own good. I tried to warn you, but don’t grab another cookie.” she told him. Claus stared at the broken cookie that lay in the dirty, wooden floor.

                “Why?” Claus asked. “Did he poison it?” he laughed a little. “Or he can’t cook?” She rolled her eyes at the statement he made. She looked seriously at him.

                “Shhh….” she told him. “Keep your voice down and look.” then pointed at the broken cookie, as 30 cockroaches came out of nowhere and ate the cookie in seconds, but one dead roach was already inside the broken one, as the other roaches ate the dead roach also. The expression on Claus face looks like he was about to throw up.

                “What was in those?” he asked, and winced at the roaches crawling around.

“Well, to put it bluntly, roach cookies. That’s why I never eat here.” Then she heard Cid’s footsteps. “Oh, I hear him coming, now Claus, act natural.” she said, Claus did as he was told, sitting natural.

Why would he make roach cookies? Claus thought as Cid enters back into the living room.

                “I’m sorry kids, those damn kids prank calls.” He laughed. “Anyway, what’s going on.” he stares at Minata. “You never visit me unless you need something.”

                “Well, Uncle Cid, not all the time, but this time, it’s important.” She looked at Claus. “I think you better fill him in Claus.” He nodded his head.

                “Right.” then he begin. “My mama got kidnap by my absent father who has these strange powers.” he turned to Minata then back at Cid. “Anyway, when I was about to save her, he out his left hand up and a hot breeze shot through me, making me fly over the counter.” he pause, then started again. “I tried to go back, then they disappeared, for some reason, I don’t know where to start looking.” his voice begin to crack, as tears ran down his face. “but, I can think I can track him, by feeling his power, because I have the same powers, but mines is not full like his.” he explained. 

                Cid stare at him like Minata did as he told her he has powers. “So, you came here to tell me about one of your video game fantasy?” Claus sighed, another person that don’t believe him. “I must be honored to have been told one of your stories.” he said with sarcasm. Minata sighed.

                “Uncle Cid, he’s serious.” she wanted him to believe Claus.

                “Yea, and I’m the king of the world.” he said as they stare at him.

                Minata rolled her eyes, as Claus laughed a little.

                “I’ll show you my power.” then he stood up and held out his hand, focusing on his energy in both his hands, as a fireball begin to form. He smile, but felt tired. He looked up at Cid. “See, I did it!” before he could put it away, he felt a powerful pressure over him. The strong energy that made his whole body went numb. He quickly fell to his knees, and begin to breathe quickly, sweating. “I think that was papa’s…….power.” he slowly, but happy that he has a lead on him.

                “How in the world did you do that!” Cid yelled, shocked. “I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.” Cid and Minata rush over to Claus, helping him up.

                “I’m okay.” he said, as he was helped up. “I felt a rush of energy go through me. I might can find papa.” he sat back on the couch and close his eyes. “This is my first time using my powers up in one day.” then open them back up, seeing that he couldn’t fall asleep, because of what has been going on.

                Cid notices the tiredness in Claus’s eyes. “Stay there, I’m going to make you some ice lemon tea, it will knock you right to sleep. I can see you trying to fight to stay up.” he said. Minata stare at Claus worried. “Now try to sleep so you can be well rested by morning. Me and Minata will talk about what to do.” then he and Minata left out the living room and into the kitchen.    

                Tea would be nice. He thought trying to relax on the torn, but soft couch, his legs stretch out. Closing his eyes, he pictured an image of him and his mother baking cookies on his 20th birthday on April 19. Then with a blink of an eye, she disappeared, with the whole background being black. “Mama.” he said, scared. Then, a red glowing figure was standing almost close to him “Papa?” Claus said, as he felt a hand around his throat, choking him. He tried to pull his father huge hand away from his throat, but no luck. He screams as he rapidly sat up and looked around him, seeing that it was only a nightmare. He sighed, glad it wasn’t real. “Just a dream.”

                Cid returns into the room, with a mug in his hand, filled with tea. “Oh, you’re up, I heard you screaming.” he handed the mug to Claus, who took it and sip the sweetness of the lemon taste of the tea. 

I must slept for an hour or two. He thought and placed the mug on the coffee table. “Thank you for the tea Mr. Cid.” he said, with a smile.

“You’re welcome.” he said back.

“So, where is Minata?” Claus asked, wondering.

“Oh, she’s sleeping in my bed, while I keep watch.” he stares at Claus in an awkward way. “I know how you boys are; I see you’re sweating pretty hard. You better keep Minata out of your dreams too lover boy.” Claus blush, feeling uneasy, and looked at Cid like something was on his face.

“Umm…….huh?” he said puzzled, he was far off of the dream he was having about his father, than dreaming about Minata. Cid laughed.

“Anyway get back to sleep, tomorrow, I’m going to dust off my detective kit and we are going to the scene of the crime.” he said, sitting on the long couch, which it already had covers over it, since Minata took over his bed, then he was going to sleep on the sofa. Claus had the love seat, because he was short for his age.

“Don’t need to worry sir, she is not my type.” he said with a small, dry, laugh. “The reason I was sweating is that…….” He was cut off by Cid’s outburst.

“What did you mean she’s not your type!?” he yelled. “Are you saying that you’re too good for her?” Claus sighed.

“No sir, I didn’t mean it like……..”

“She’s a sweet angel who loves to cook, read, loves kids, and plant flowers.” Claus rolled his eyes, he already know that she’s sweet, but it wasn’t that he don’t like her, it just that she was too good for him. It’s the other way around. “She’s a pure hearted soul.” he continued. “You must be blind not to fall for her. So, you like the busty type huh?” he told him.

Blushing, he sighed. “No, sir, it’s not that, besides, she is too good for me?” he said, still blushing. “She is a kind, sweet, girl who help out a stranger, me.” He wanted to get out of this conversation.

“Let me tell you a story.” Cid said. “When I was a high school boy about your age.” Claus gave up trying to explain, so he listened to him. “I had a girlfriend that I only wanted to fool around with, but something was missing. I met this one girl she was so different from all the girls her age, she didn’t follow the crowd and she won’t afraid to be herself and we had so much in common. One day after school. I told her my feelings for her and long story short, she became my wife. If I had not been for me loving her, I would have just been a lonely, old, man until this day.” he explain. Claus smiled.

“I get the point old man, I mean sir……Cid.” he said trying to understand. “Well, back to my dream, I was dreaming about papa, and he was choking me.” he explain.  

“Oh, kid, you have a lot of problems that I will solve tomorrow.” he went under the covers on the couch. “Now, kid, will you turn out that lamp and just go to sleep. Your mom will be okay.” he said with a smile. Claus turned out the lamp and lay back on the couch. It wasn’t that dark, because of the moon shine.

“Goodnight Cid.” he said, but the only reply he heard was snoring. Claus lay back on the couch and close his eyes. He couldn’t sleep, but sob softly so he won’t wake up Cid. Tears spill out of his close eyes. It went on for 30 minutes, until he went to sleep. It felt like years to him.  




The Impossible of: Claus & Minata
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Chapter 2

                12 minutes pass as they drove down the road. Claus never knew the nice part of the city, because he never came down here. Minata turn into a huge driveway. Claus from the front window, saw an beautiful white two story house with colorful flowers surrounding the mansion. The sweetness of the flowers stretched as far as the driveway. Minata parked the car and reach for the goodies in the backseat and left out the car. “I’ll be right back.” she said to Claus, closing the car door.

                Claus can smell the aroma of the flowers. It made him feel at ease, even though his mission for his mother saving is a reality. He got out the car, slamming the car door behind him. He stare at the mansion, still amazed at the size. “She must be wealthy.”  His thoughts wonder in his head. When he was small, he and his mother lived in a small, one room house, but later on, a two room house.

                He couldn’t get the scent of the flowers out of his nose, so he walked towards them and smell them, which put him at ease. It relaxed him, taking him into a peaceful place.

                Minata leaves the house, locking the door behind her. She looks up and notices Claus was by the colorful flowers. She smiled shyly at the sight. She walks beside him, he didn’t know.  “My mother grew up in this house…….ever since she was a little girl.” Claus looked at Minata. “She always planted flowers around this house.”

                Claus smiled. “Wow, I would love to meet her.” he said. Minata stare at him, her eyes a little watery.

                “Twelve years ago, my mother became ill and passed away.” He was sad by that. “Now, in her memory, me and my brother take care of the flowers she left behind. On her birthday, we pick flowers from this very garden and place them on her tombstone……” she stares into the golden eyes of Claus. “I don’t know you that well, but I know the feeling of losing a parent.” then she wipe her tears from her cheeks. “That is why I want to do everything I can to help you get your mother back.” Minata, with tears in her eyes, smiles at him.

                Claus still felt the sadness of her story. A little bit of tears ran down his brown cheek. “I’m sorry about your lost.” he turned back to the flowers and back at her. He kind of understands losing one of his parents, his tyrant father. Now it all changed as he saw his father’s true colors. “I used to burn candles for my father, even when mama said he was still alive, but she never told me anything about him.” he said with a little uneasy giggle.

                “Wow, I’m sorry.” Minata said. “You must had a rough childhood.” then thought of an idea. “Hey, whenever you feel sad and need somebody to talk to, call me. I will always pick up.” she said excited. Claus was happy, as she quickly written and handed him her number.

                “Thanks, but I didn’t have a rough childhood except, in school where the kids would pick at me, because I was different. Oh and that I had bad grades.” he rambled. Minata looked at him with what a in the world, look on his face, he notice. “Besides that, mama and I always did things together. She always puts a smile on, but sometimes her smiles are fake and I know that she is hurting inside, I could tell by her eyes.” he explain. “When I show first notice my powers at a young age, she wasn’t shock, but it made her cry a little. When I tell her why are you crying?” Claus stopped talking and tried so hard not to sound like a crying puppy.

“S….s…..she told me.” he said between sobs. ‘I’m crying because I’m happy you picked up your father’s ability’ I notice in her voice she was sad. I was shocked to notice he had powers. She explained that he had powers, but never explained why he left.” He finish, as he wipe the last salt waters from his face.

Minata looked at him, noticing that they both have parents who left them, but in a different way.

“I didn’t mean to give you a novel of my life story.” Minata giggled. “But, I will call you if I need a friend, and you can call me anytime too.” he didn’t have any paper. “Well, when you call me, I’ll give you my phone number.” he said blushing, feeling like an idiot.

“Okay, but we need to rapidly get out of here if we going to save your mother.”

“She got a point there?” he said. Then they both got into the car and drove off.

Twenty minutes later, Minata stopped in front of an old grey house, covered with sharp, green vines. Claus could hear the barking of dogs in the background. Minata turn off the car, and the barking became louder. The house looked spooky. “I just hope that Cid can help.” she said, stepping out of the car. Claus did too.

They walk to the door, Minata with ease, but Claus was behind, walking slowly, trying to not think about the things that will jump out and attack him. “Wow, this guy’s house is too spooky.”  He said to himself as they made their way up the porch stairs. Minata walk up to the door and knock three times with a loud bang. Claus wondered why. “Was she angry at Cid?”

Minata turn to Claus and notice the scared look upon his face. “Oh, he’s kind of hard of hearing.” she explained. Claus smiled to know that he wasn’t scared, but still uneasy with the scary vines wrap around the house, and the barking of dogs. He’s scared of dogs.

Then, hearing the locks getting unlock, the door open slowly. Claus heart beat like a rapid drum. The man opened the door wide, showing a pale, bald, one eye brow man, with an annoyed look on his face. Claus eyes widen at the scary looking old man.

“Oh, if it isn’t sweet, eyes like sparking emeralds, Minata.” he said with a smile. Claus could see that the man was nice, even though he was scary looking.

“Hi, uncle Cid.” she said, giving him a hug. He’s not her real uncle, but she treats him like family.

“The way you were knocking, I thought those crazy kids playing pranks again.” he said. Claus could see why they always prank him, because he’s the town most, creepiest guy.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are hard of hearing right?” She asked.

“That was last week, I got a new hearing aid, top of the line version 7.0.” he said with a wink. Then he looked over at Claus. “And who are you; the one that looked like that just saw a monster.” he said, looking serious.         

Claus slowly turned his scared expression to a happy one. “Oh, hello Cid……I mean sir…….” he didn’t know how to address an older person. Like his mother always says, ‘Always call a grown man sir, when you first meet him.’ Claus sighed and slowly held out his shaking hand. “My name is Claus, please to meet you sir.” he  

Claus stare at the bald, one eyebrowed man and smiled. "Oh, hello Cid.......I mean sir......." he didn't know how to address an older person. Like his mother say, 'always call a man sir when you first meet him.' Claus signed and hold out his hand. "My name is Claus, please to meet you sir." he said.

                “Relax boy, I’m not the most strict person in the world. Call me Cid.” He reach out and shook Claus hand. “Nice to meet you Claus.” then took his hand away from Claus. “Oh, where are my manners, come inside and make yourself at home.” he said with a smile. “It’s rare to have company.”

“Well the house is scary. Who would come to a house with vines?” Claus thought to himself as he followed Cid and Minata into the house.






Writer's Block: Help, I need somebody!
annoyed, Fourze, Ellen
Do you think you would you risk your life to save a stranger? Would it make a difference if it were an elderly person or a child? What about a neighbor's dog or cat?

Well, yeah. Everyone is the same and needs saving, but I won't do it for pets.....depends. Age doesn't matter, because people are people and can't judge on who to save, just save them.

The Impossible of: Claus & Minata
annoyed, Fourze, Ellen

Chapter 1

 Claus slowly rose from his bed and looked at his cloak on his night stand and scream. “Oh no, mama is going to kill me!!” he yelled, as he quickly got out of bed and got dress in his bakery uniform. He stare at the mirror to fix his red dreadlocks and smiled a bright smile. “Wow, looking good.” he said to himself, as he notice he wasting time and not getting ready to leave for his mother bakery shop.  He quickly ran out his room and left out the front door. He locked it and started, running down the sidewalk. The bakery wasn’t far from their house, but a few blocks away.

Minata sits in a bakery waiting on her order of backed goods. Her hair is long, curly, and a shade of pink. Her eyes shone a sparking gem of emerald green in the sunlight by the window where she sits. She sings as her voice sounded like the purest of angels together in harmony. “This is taking forever.”’ she sang softly.

Claus ran into the bakery. “I made it.” he said under his breath, as he made his way behind the counter.   “I hope mama won’t fire me on my second day.” he said as he stood behind the counter, waiting for people to order. He stare at a glass covered cake case. It reflex an image. Showing his ebony skin, and those golden eyes. His hair was full of red dreads and he looked young for his age, even though he is 20. At the corners of his golden eyes, he spotted a girl with smooth, pink hair.

Minata looks up and notice the red hair man standing behind the counter. She stood up and walks towards the counter and stare in Claus golden eyes. “Excuse me sir, but I’ve been waiting an awfully long time for my order.” then she signed. “Do you know if it’s ready yet?” she asked. Claus moved his shoulders up and down.

“Don’t know, just got here.” then he stares into her green eyes. “I’ll ask mama.” he said, then walk to the back to see what was going on. The back was the kitchen. “Mama, this girl wants to know when…..”

“Claus no!” he heard his mother yelled, but it was too late. A man that almost looked like him and tall with down the back red dreadlocks.

“Papa?” he utter, scared that he was beside his mother. The man hold out his hand and a blast of heat came from it. Claus flew out and over the counter, almost bumping into Minata. Just then, the pink haired girl ducked behind the counter.

“What in the world just happened, that crazy guy almost hit me in the face.”  She thought as she hit Claus on the arm. “Hey idiot, you almost hit me!!” she yelled in anger. “And what is happening?” she asked him.

                Claus rub his arm and stood. “Sorry.” he said as he thought about his mother with his absent father. He turn to Minata. “I want to know what is going on too.” then he stood. “but I have to save mama.” He jump over the counter and ran back into the kitchen, and saw before his eyes his mother disappeared with the man. “Damn.” he whispered. Then he turn back at Minata. “You should leave ma’am.” he told her, she stare at him confused.

                Minata stood and shook her head no. “You idiot!” she yelled with anger. “I’m not going anywhere till I get my order!!” she had and look of hunger on her face, but anger in her eyes. She clenched her fist and jumped in front of the red haired man and just stare into his golden eyes with seriousness.

                Claus signed and smiled fake at the girl. “Okay.” then thought about his mother who was kidnap and what she did says. ‘Not to keep the people waiting.’ As he enter the kitchen, he didn’t know what she order. He walk back to her and smiled. “Sorry miss, what did you order?” he asked.

                Minata smiled. “Well, I ordered 17 fresh glazed donuts, 2 chocolate cakes.” then begin to think about her brother. “You see idiot, I mean sir, my brother is coming home from college tomorrow and he have a massive sweet tooth. Anyway, we’re going to throw him a party. He will be 24 you see?” she spoke slowly so Claus can understand better. Claus felt insulted a little, but didn’t show it on his face. “So I must have every in order for his arrival.” she said with an grin. Claus smiled a little. “Oh right ma’am.” he signed.

                “If mama was here, then she would quickly get things done, but it was different now.” “I will see if they are ready.”  then walk back to the kitchen.  He spotted the sweets and pack them up as quickly as possible. He came back and handed her the bag, as he did, a tear drop from his eyes. “Here ma’am.” he said. She notice the tear that dropped from the eyes of the red haired man. She picked up the bag of goods.

                “Thank you so much.” she said in a low tone. “My brother will love these….” then she stare at the baked goods and sighed. She looked back up at Claus golden eyes. Claus wipe some of his tears away. “I’m sorry about your mother.” she said, thinking of something to say, and not be so cold hearted. “I really hope you find her soon.” she looked at his brown hands and took them for a brief moment to show that she cared. Claus looked at the kind hearted face of Minata and smiled.

                “Thanks.”  Claus uttered as Minata took his hands from his. She smiled and grabbed her bag.

                “So, I’m serious about you finding your mother, who made these tasty snacks.” then she turn around and begin walking towards the door.

                Claus felt her kindness as she was walking towards the door. He looked up and wipe some more tears away and smiled brightly. “I hope your brother enjoys those sweets.” he said as he wave at her back. His thoughts went over to his father, but focus on the pink hair girl Minata.

                She left out, walking to her car. When she got to it, she open the back seat and place the baked goods in the back seat. She slowly close the car door and turn around to see Claus through the bakery glass window. “Oh, I wish I could help him somehow, but what in the world could someone like me do?” she thought to herself. Then an idea suddenly pops into her head. “Of course!” She smiled. “Maybe he can help some way.”  With that, she quickly ran into the bakery with a determine look in her green eyes.

Claus had his back turned, staring at the strawberry short cake in the clear glass cake, his mother made this morning.  “Mama, I wish I was early, I could of save you.” His mind wondered, lost in confusion.

“Hey, boy.” Claus heard Minata’s voice echo through his ear, he rapidly turn around and notice she was smiling like an kid on Christmas morning. “I believe I know somebody who can help you find your mother.” Claus smiled, and was excited to hear that.

“You do?” he said at her. Then he quickly hug her, lifting her off the ground, then place her back on the floor because she was too heavy, and they were almost the same height. “Thank you so much umm….” he didn’t know her name and felt silly of leaving his thanks a blank.

“It’s Minata.” she said with a smile.

“Mi…na…ta?” he said slowly. “Minata, what a lovely name.” he said as he hold out his hand for her to shake.

“My name is Claus and I’m glad that you were the one that was at the bakery to help.” then he laughed. She saw how happy he is and grab his hand and smiled.

“Claus?” She said in her mind. I never heard that name before, the only Claus I knew were Santa Clause.” She said in her mind.

“I know this man that can help. In fact, he’s a good friend of the family.” She stop to see Claus staring at her with his golden unique eyes. “His name is Cid Heartly, a retired detective that used to work for the police seven years ago. I bet if we ask him real nicely, he would allow us to hire him, and besides, he kind of owes me for some yard work he never paid me for, would you like to see him?” she asked.

“Of course, I can’t wait to meet him.” he said to her. He wanted to jump up and down, but he was too old to be acting like a child, besides, he almost looks young for his age.  Instead, he smiled like he just won about a million dollars.

                “Cid Heartly eh?” then begin to think where he heard that name, but nothing came to mind, but the sound of wind blowing through his ears. “But, my father is abnormal. He has these weird powers and I got half, but never used them much, just to help people out. They sometimes freak and run away.” he laughed. “I can’t blame them, I would run away if I see someone that has weird powers.”  She slowly back away, looking awkward .

                “What the…….weird powers…..what do you mean?” then her eye brows arch to make an angry look on her innocent face. “Look, it’s one thing I hate more than anything else is lairs, I don’t have time for this.” She was confused, but angry, because she doesn’t have time to play silly magic games. “Now mister insane, tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or I will  send you to the loon house in a instant.” she wasn’t playing. Claus felt offended by her words, but couldn’t blame her.  

                He signed. “Well, I wish it was false, but I’m telling the truth.” Seeing the anger in her eyes want him to just shut up and looked for his mother by himself. “Sorry miss…..I mean Minata that I got you into this mess. Anyway, you have to give those sweets to your bother.” he smiled at her, trying to loosen the anger she build inside herself.

                She took a deep breath and calm down a little. “No Claus, I should be sorry.” she moves closer to him. “Your mother just got kidnap.” Then she signed. “As crazy as it sounds, why would you lie about having powers? “  She could judge people by their appearance, and she knew that he wouldn’t lie like that. “I believe you…..please, show me your powers” she said, trying so hard to be supportive. 

                Claus held out his hands in front of him and focus on the energy into both of them. As he did, a small red flame ball appeared inside his cupped hands. Then it got bigger. “See, I’m an heir to my father’s of magic. I can do the rest of the elements, but I use this as an example.” he said with a smile. Then the ball of flame disappeared. “I don’t know how my father learned those powers, but I learned them without knowing how I know them.” he said. Minata looked confused at the last sentences.

                “Huh?” all she could say. Claus just kept on smiling.

                “You will learn later….I hope.”  he said.

                “Wow, I can’t believe it, you just made fire out of nowhere!!” she became excited. “That’s cool, so, was you father an oni?” She asked.

                “An oni?” he asked. “Well, I’m not sure, I don’t know papa that well.” then rub the back of his neck. “And, I have no clue on what an oni is.” he said looking confused.

                “Well, an oni is like a demon, they say people who lose their heart to one of the seven sins becomes a oni. After time and hate fills their bodies and they lose themselves forever.” she looks at him, trying to notice a facial reaction. “Well, whatever you are, don’t you think we should get going?” she asked him.

                Claus took everything she said into his head and wonder if he’s an oni himself. “Yeah, you’re right, let’s go.” he said wondering where his father could be. For some reason, he felt sorry for his father.

                “Hey, I’ll give you a ride.” she said, exiting the bakery. She gets into her car and starts to pull the car round to the front of the bakery and honks her horn for him to get in.

                Claus turned out the lights, put a close sign on the door, and ran out the place, locking it up. He made it to her car and opened the passenger door and got in. “Thanks again.” he didn’t know where to start. “Are we going to Cid’s place first?” he asked.  

                “Actually, I’m going to drop off these goods at my house first, it will only take a minute.” then she drives away from the bakery.



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